Riverex Quick Links

What is Riverex

Learn about the core concepts of Riverex: Chat, Swap, etc.


Learn about the core architecture of the Riverex decentralized exchange: smart contracts, protocol, etc.


Learn the step-by-step instructions on how Riverex works: chatting, swapping, etc.

Getting Started

Explore these quick links to kickstart your journey with Riverex.

Riverex Sign-up

Learn how you can create an account or log in to the platform.

Riverex Chat Rooms

Learn how you can create public and private chat rooms on the platform.

Riverex Peer-to-Peer Swap

Learn how to start peer-to-peer swaps inside the platform.

Riverex Liquidity Pools

Learn how to swap tokens and create or add liquidity in pools.

Join our community of traders

We help crypto users connect with their fellow traders and create a safe space for them to discuss swapping conditions inside the secure chat rooms of the Riverex decentralized exchange.