Riverex dex platform

Riverex Dex Platform

Log-In/Sign Up

1. How to sign up for the Riverex platform?

Sign up or log in to the Riverex DEX platform. We have also created a guideline for both web and mobile app.

2. What if I forget my Riverex platform Username and Password?

You can use your Private Key (Mnemonics) to log in to Riverex if you forget your username and password. Once you successfully log in, you can change your password again.

3. Why am I unable to log in even if my credentials are correct?

If you log in through another browser or device/host (for the first time), it is required to log in with your mnemonics first; you can input the same password and confirm or create a new one. You can use your username and password the next time you log in to the same browser or device.