add Token to a Liquidity Pool

Liquidity Pool

Add Tokens to a Liquidity Pool

To add a liquidity pool on Riverex, an asset holder must connect a MetaMask account to the Riverex platform.
Step 1: Visit the liquidity pool page and connect the MetaMask account. (link to the pool page)
Step 2: Choose a liquidity pool pair and click the (+) button to add funds.
Step 3: Enter the number of Token 1 you want to add to the liquidity pool. The corresponding value of Token 2 will be automatically calculated through the AMM protocol.

Step 4: Adjust the slippage tolerance depending on your trading strategy and how much you are willing to accept at the end of the transaction.

Note: Riverex’s default slippage is at 0.03%.

Step 5: Set the Token spend allowance (either ‘Exact amount’ or ‘Max’). Then, click Add Liquidity button.

Note:Token spend allowance – the value of tokens a user can allow or permits a third-party app to execute a transaction with a certain amount of tokens.

Step 6: Review the transaction details on the MetaMask pop-up window and click Confirm to complete the transaction.

Note: You may need to authorize the token spend allowance if it’s not already approved.

The estimated gas fee is displayed in MetaMask based on the blockchain network.

Step 7: Refresh the page to view the added token and its overall number of tokens; it may take approximately one minute to be recorded on the pool.
You have now successfully added liquidity to an existing pool on the Riverex platform.If you require further assistance creating a liquidity pool, contact our customer support team to guide you accordingly.