how to Remove Liquidity

Liquidity Pool

Remove Liquidity from a Pool

Step 1: Visit the liquidity pool website.
Step 2: Navigate through the Dashboard tab to land on the ‘My Pool‘ page.
Step 3: Choose the liquidity pool from which you want to remove funds and click the (🗑️) button under the Actioncolumn.

Step 4: Enter the liquidity value you wish to remove on the following pop-up window. Click the Max button to remove all your liquidity shares from the pool pair.

The system will automatically calculate the value of tokens you will receive while showing your remaining liquidity balance in the pool. Click Remove.

Step 5: Another pop-up window will appear and ask you to reconfirm the removal of your liquidity share. Click Remove.
Step 6: The MetaMask window will pop up, confirming the LPTKN to be removed. Click Confirm.

Step 7: Review the transaction details on the MetaMask pop-up window and click Confirm to complete the transaction.

Note:The estimated gas fee is displayed in MetaMask based on the blockchain network.

A pop-up notification will show at the bottom right side of the page confirming the transaction.
Step 8: Click on the ‘Refresh’ icon to update the pool; it may take approximately two minutes for the tokens to be recorded.

You have now successfully removed liquidity from an existing pool on the Riverex platform.

If you require further assistance creating a liquidity pool, contact our customer support team to guide you accordingly.