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Swap Tokens from a Liquidity Pool

To swap tokens from a liquidity pool on Riverex, an asset holder must connect a digital wallet to the Riverex platform.
Step 1: Visit the liquidity pool website and connect the MetaMask account.
Step 2: Select a liquidity pool pair of your token choice to swap and click the swap icon.
Step 3: Enter the number of tokens to swap. The AMM protocol will automatically calculate the value of the second token.

Step 4: Adjust the slippage tolerance depending on your trading strategy and how much you are willing to accept at the end of the transaction.

Note: Riverex’s default slippage is at 0.03%.

Step 5: Set the Token spend allowance (either ‘Exact amount’ or ‘Max’). Then, click the Swap button.

Notes: The total fees will be shown as a default based on what the liquidity creator set (Riverex Platform Fee of 0.05% [fixed] + Liquidity Provider Fee [between 0% to 10%])

Token spend allowance – the value of tokens a user can allow or permits a third-party app to execute a transaction with a certain amount of tokens.

Step 6: Review the transaction details on the MetaMask pop-up window and click Confirm to complete the transaction.

Note: You may need to authorize the token spend allowance if it’s not already approved.

The estimated gas fee is displayed in MetaMask based on the blockchain network.

Once the transaction is complete,  the swapped tokens will be added automatically to your wallet.

Step 7: Click on the ‘Refresh’ icon to update the pool; it may take approximately two minutes for the tokens to be recorded on the pool.

Token Swap
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You have now successfully swapped your tokens from an existing pool on the Riverex platform.

If you require further assistance creating a liquidity pool, contact our customer support team to guide you accordingly.