Trading chatroom

Trading Chatroom

How to Create a Chatroom in Riverex

Here’s how to create a trading chatroom in Riverex Mobile App.

Step 1: Log in to Riverex Mobile App.

Step 2: Navigate through the Menu bar and press the Chat icon.

Step 3: Press the Plus (+) Icon to create your own chatroom.

Step 4: Enter your preferred Room Name and write a short description of your Chatroom.

Step 5: Choose whether you will make it Public or Private

Note that on Private Chatrooms, you may need to accept a Joining Request before the other member can communicate in the room.

You will then be notified if your chatroom is created successfully. Scroll through the page to check your chatroom.

If you want to share your chatroom link with your friends or with someone who is in line with your blockchain preferences, you can enter your chatroom and click on Room Info to copy the link.

You have now successfully created a chatroom in Riverex Mobile App!

Create a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Private Chatroom

Note that you can chat with a peer privately in the P2P chatroom. Here’s how:Step 1: Select a member in any of the chatrooms and tap on the member’s name.
Step 2: Hit Start Chatting to initiate a conversation.


Easy breezy! You have now successfully initiated a private chat with a Riverex member!If you have further queries or trouble creating a chatroom, contact our customer support team to guide you accordingly.