p2p counter offer


P2P Counter Offer

P2P counter offer aims to negotiate a more favorable term when dealing in crypto trades. Countering the swap offers reflect changes in the value of two tokens being traded and give a better negotiation option.

Here’s how one can initiate a counteroffer in the Riverex DEX platform. Let’s take User A as the initiator of the swap and User B as the initiator of the swap counteroffer.

Step 1 

Both users should be logged in to the Riverex platform and navigate the Chat Room from the menu bar. Then User A will select the chatroom he wants to send the swap request. He can choose both Private and Public Chatrooms. 

Note: If User A wants to send a swap request to a P2P chatroom, he has to click the member’s name (User B) in any of the chatrooms and hit Start Chatting.

In this example, User A will choose a Public Chatroom and clicks on the Swap Icon next to the message bar.

Step 2

After clicking the Swap Icon, the Swap template will be displayed. User A will select the blockchain networks and tokens. Then input the amount of both tokens he wants to swap and click Create.

Step 3

A Swap template will be sent to the selected chatroom indicating the blockchain networks, token, and value.

User B will either accept the swap request by clicking Swap or Counter to negotiate the rates if he does not agree with the requested rates.

Step 4

A counteroffer template will be displayed where User B will enter the values of his counteroffer to User A.

Step 5

Once User B clicks Counter, User A will receive a counteroffer template. If User A is happy with the counteroffer, he can click on Swap to proceed with the swap transaction. If not, he can also click Counter to send his offer.

Note: There is no maximum limit on how many counteroffers both users can make.

Step 6

Let’s say User A agrees to the counteroffer of User B. He will click on Swap and start the regular process of P2P transaction, generating a swap link with the transaction timer. For a guided step on generating a swap link, here is the tutorial starting with Step 4, as shown in the below image.

You have now successfully executed a counteroffer through the Riverex Chatroom.

If you require further assistance executing a counteroffer swap, contact our customer support team to guide you accordingly.