Token to Token

Here’s how to swap cryptocurrencies across multiple blockchains in Riverex through Peer-to-Peer Atomic Swap. 

Step 1: Navigate the Riverex platform through the Peer-to-Peer tab and click Create Swap Request.
Step 2: Select the networks of your chosen tokens to be swapped.
Step 3:Select the assets you want to swap and enter the values accordingly.
While selecting, the total balance in the wallet will be displayed, refraining you from inputting values greater than what is in your wallet.
Step 4: By default, your wallet address will be affixed to the address section, which can be changed or edited.
Take note that the Riverex platform implements a fixed platform fee of 0.03% for peer-to-peer atomic swap transactions.

Step 5:Set the timer for the swap. Ensure that whatever you set will be enough for the transaction to be completed by both parties. Then click Generate Swap Link.

Step 6: Click on the COPY icon to share the link with anyone through various media channels. Click the SHARE icon to send the link to any of your chat rooms created in the Riverex platform. Then click the GO TO SWAP icon.

Alternatively, you can also navigate to the main Peer-to-Peer page to see all your transactions. 

Click on your current transaction to proceed with the following window.

**Note: If the other party approves the transaction, it will be recorded under the In-progress tab; if the transaction is not yet approved, it will be recorded under the Open tab. Otherwise, every transaction, whether open, in progress, successful, or failed, will be registered under the All tab.

Wait for the other party to approve your request.
Step 7: If someone clicks on your swap link, USER B will have complete details of the tokens you want to swap
User B needs to check the values are acceptable to his trading needs. User B’s address will also be automatically affixed to the transaction, which can be changed or edited. Additional details like Transaction Fees and Time for Swap will be indicated on the page.
Step 8: Once User B confirms everything, he will Approve the transaction to proceed.
A notification will confirm that User B has approved the swap and waiting for you to create a contract.
Step 9: You, as USER A, will create a contract by inputting and confirming your password.
It is recommended not to navigate to other pages or refresh the page until the transaction is complete.
Step 10: Your MetaMask window will pop up to access your funds. Click Confirm.
Step 11: Another MetaMask window will pop up, showing the gas fees for the transaction. Click Confirm.
Step 12: Once the contract has been created, the timer will start and notify User B to create his contract too.

Step 13: User B will do the same steps User A has done by clicking Create Contractand inputting his password.

It is recommended not to navigate to other pages or refresh the page until the transaction is complete.

Step 14: User B confirms the contract creation by confirming the gas fees in the MetaMask pop-up window.

Step 15: You will be notified that User B has already created a contract and is now ready to collect his funds. Enter the password previously created in the current transaction and click Collect.

Step 16: Reconfirm the transaction through your MetaMask pop-up window.
Once the funds have been collected, the timer stops and will notify User B to collect his funds too.
Step 17: On User B’s page, he will be notified that User A has collected his funds. User B will collect his funds, too, by clicking Collect.
Step 18: He should validate the transaction by confirming the MetaMask pop-up window.
A notification will appear on both User A and B’s pages, confirming that the transaction is successful and complete.
User B’s page:
User A’s page:
To check all transactions made, navigate through the Peer-to-Peer Page and click the tabs accordingly (All, Open, In-progress, Successful, Failed).

You now have successfully swapped your tokens through a peer-to-peer atomic swap mechanism in the Riverex platform.

If you experience any difficulties in swapping, contact our customer support team to assist you accordingly.