Riverex Mobile Affiliate Program

Embrace the Mobile Advantage: Riverex’s Affiliate Program Now On-The-Go!

We at Riverex, the pioneering decentralized P2P exchange, are thrilled to announce that our much-loved affiliate program is taking the leap to our mobile app on App Store and Play Store. This progression harmonizes with our community’s dynamic, always-on-the-move lifestyle and builds upon the success of our web-based platform.

Understanding the Affiliate Program

If you’re new to this, an affiliate program is like a deal where companies like Riverex give you a reward when you get new people to use our platform. When those people trade on our platform, you get rewarded. So, as more people start using Riverex because of you, you get more rewards – everyone wins!

Why Become a Crypto Affiliate?

The Riverex Affiliate Program is a unique opportunity for users to earn extra WELLE tokens, thereby growing their crypto assets effortlessly. The program features real-time tracking, giving users full transparency and control over their earnings.

Furthermore, the affiliate program supports unlimited referrals, allowing users to share their unique referral codes with as many people as they like, significantly increasing their potential reward. The program also offers flexibility in the utilization of these rewards, whether it’s covering swap fees, investing in future developments, or trading for other tokens on the Riverex platform. This flexibility caters to a broad spectrum of user needs, making the affiliate program a compelling option for crypto enthusiasts.

Quick Start to Your Riverex Mobile Referral Journey

To make the process seamless, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get started with our mobile affiliate program:

  1. Download the Riverex app from the App Store or Play Store and launch it.
  2. Tap on the “Invite Friends” button located at the top right corner.
  3. Connect your crypto wallet by tapping “Connect Wallet”.
  4. Unveil your unique referral code by tapping “Reveal Code”.

Share your unique code with your network. They will need to enter this code in the “Enter Referral Code” section during any transaction.

Navigating the Riverex Affiliate Program via Mobile

We’ve designed our mobile platform to offer a comprehensive and robust experience:

  • Your referrals can perform all types of transactions: P2P atomic swaps, creating liquidity pools, adding liquidity, or swapping tokens within existing pools.
  • Your commissions are paid in our utility token, WELLE.
  • Commissions are settled promptly, typically within 48-72 hours post the completion of a successful transaction by your referred user.
  • The real-time tracking referral page isn’t just for desktop users; mobile users can also monitor their performance and earnings directly.
  • There’s no limit to the number of referral codes you can share. Whether it’s through messaging apps or social media platforms, spread the word and let your network grow!

Wrapping Up

With our mobile app reaching an even broader audience, the accessibility of our affiliate program has skyrocketed. By embracing this convenience, sharing your unique code, and watching your rewards flourish, you can truly make the most of this mobile innovation. So, gear up for an exciting, rewarding journey with Riverex!