Grow with Riverex: Our Affiliate Program is Now Live

Riverex introduces an affiliate program, which allows users to earn commissions by advertising Riverex’s services.

Launching the affiliate program is a huge step forward in Riverex’s growth plan and an excellent chance for users to benefit from the company’s success.

What is an Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is a marketing approach in which a company compensates individuals or businesses known as affiliates for promoting their products or services. Affiliates are paid a commission for each successful recommendation, sale, or trade on the business’s platform.

Users benefit from affiliate programs in the cryptocurrency industry in various ways. Individuals can earn passive revenue by referring new users to decentralized exchanges or trading platforms. They receive a commission for each successful trade or transaction the referred user completes.

Furthermore, some cryptocurrency affiliate networks include other benefits, such as trading fee savings or exclusive access to particular services or features. It can provide users an advantage and allow them to optimize their revenue.

Getting Started with Riverex Affiliate Program

Riverex Affiliate Program is a well-structured program that rewards affiliates for promoting the Riverex decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. It is an innovative program that enables users to earn WELLE tokens by sharing their unique referral codes.

Here’s a quick guideline on how the Riverex Affiliate Program works:

  • Affiliates are given unique referral codes in referring new traders to complete a transaction on the platform – P2P swap, creating a liquidity pool, adding liquidity to a pool, or swapping assets from an existing pool.
  • The users’ commissions will be issued through the platform’s utility token, WELLE. The program’s payment terms are simple, with commissions paid in 48-72 hours after the referred user successfully executes a transaction. 
  • Affiliates can quickly track their earnings and performance via a dedicated real-time tracking referral page, allowing referrers to optimize their advertising efforts.
  • The program provides unlimited referral codes, allowing referrers to share referral codes via social media, email, or in person. Riverex pays out to both referrers and referred users after the latter’s first successful transaction.
  • The referral code is a one-of-a-kind alphanumeric code provided to each referrer. To ensure fairness and avoid abuse of the referral program, referred users can only use the code on their first transaction on the platform.
  • Because WELLE tokens are designed to be used to pay platform fees, they provide affiliates with a level of simplicity and cost-efficiency. Users can also exchange them for other Riverex-supported tokens. WELLE tokens will also be used to pay platform fees on Riverex’s future features.

How to Join the Riverex Affiliate Program and Earn Rewards

Becoming a part of the Riverex referral program is easy. Check out these simple steps: 

  1. Access the Rewards Page 

Go to and navigate through the gleaming ‘Earn Rewards’ button.

  1. Link your wallet 

You can easily connect to wallets supported by Riverex – MetaMask, Coinbase, TronLink, or WalletConnect.

  1. Reveal the Code

Click the ‘Reveal Code’ button to reveal your account’s seven alphanumeric referral code.

  1. Share the Code

Share your referral code with your friends through social media channels or by clicking the share icon to send it directly to them. 

Affiliate Program Rewards Allocation

The Riverex Affiliate Program pays rewards and incentives to affiliates in a fair and equitable manner based on their transaction and program requirements. 

*For creating a liquidity pool, the minimum transaction must be $1,000.

Riverex Affiliate Program is an excellent way to earn additional income while promoting the platform, with real-time tracking, limitless referral codes, and quick rewards. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to advance with Riverex and begin earning rewards!