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How to Buy WELLE Token from the Riverex Platform

WELLE is the native token of the Riverex Decentralized Exchange (DEX). It is ERC-20 compliant and powers the products and services accessible on the Riverex platform. Here’s how you can buy the token from Riverex.

Why Buy WELLE Token

The WELLE ICO started on October 10, 2022, and will last for the following three months.

With the WELLE token, users/traders can pay fees in the Riverex platform, such as Peer-to-Peer swap fees.

Among other benefits, buying WELLE tokens enables you to stake your assets at a specific time, allowing you to earn profits.

Additionally, the WELLE token has a cross-chain fungibility feature that enables traders to swap it with other currencies across multiple blockchains.

More features will be introduced as the product develops to give users more options for profitable and reliable investment transactions.

Buying WELLE Token from Riverex

The Riverex DEX platform makes it simple, quick, and secure to purchase WELLE Token. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you do transactions easily and quickly.

Step 1
Launch App
Go to the Riverex website and launch the app.
Step 2
Log in / Sign Up
Click Log in and enter your credentials or Sign up if you haven’t had an account yet. Then, select Chat Rooms from the Menu Bar.
Step 3
Join the chat room
From the featured lists of chat rooms, select Buy WELLE Token and join the room.
Step 4
Start a discussion in the chat room. The Riverex admins monitor and engage with anyone interested in purchasing WELLE in exchange for stablecoins like USDT, BUSD, or DAI.
Step 5
Swap link creation
After deciding on the value of the WELLE tokens you want to buy, the Riverex admin will generate a swap link and activate the transaction.
Step 6
Approve the transaction
Click the swap link posted by the Riverex admin. You will then be directed to the Riverex Peer-to-Peer page. Cross-check the details and click Approve to proceed with the transaction.

While doing the transaction, progressive instructions are indicated to ensure a quick and simple transaction.

However, the Riverex administrators will assist you through the entire process. You can always come back to the chat room and ask any queries you might have regarding the transaction.

You have now successfully bought your WELLE tokens through a peer-to-peer atomic swap protocol in the Riverex platform.

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