peer to peer swap Enhancements

Platform Upgrade: Introducing Enhanced Features for Improved User Experience: V.1.1.0

The world of technology is constantly evolving, and user experience is no exception. To stay ahead of the curve and provide users with the best possible experience, we are thrilled to announce the Peer-to-Peer swap enhancements and other notable upgrades on the platform.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s new on the Riverex DEX platform!

Main Platform Enhancements

  1. Notifications

The improved notifications help make the user experience more seamless and efficient by providing more information and options for interacting with Riverex decentralized platform.

Users can now be alerted when:

  • A member joins a public and private chatroom
  • The admin of the private chatroom needs to accept or decline “JOIN” requests
  • A member wants to cancel the “JOIN” requests
  • A member leaves the private chatroom
  • A member sends a swap request, approves the request, creates a swap contract, and collects the funds from the swap transaction
Chatroom Notification
Chatroom Notification
  1. Telegram Menu

The telegram menu integrated into Riverex Telegram groups (Riverex_Official and WELLE Community Group) offers a convenient, efficient, and improved user experience, saving time and effort for both users and Riverex.

It provides links to beginner guides, platform service pages, websites, and support information.

Riverex Telegram

Peer-to-Peer Swap Enhancements

  1. Auto-Populate Icon for the Pair Token

Integrating the auto-populate icon saves users time and effort while reducing errors and ensuring that the value of the second token is consistent with the value of the first token.

The auto-populate icon improves data accuracy and increases the efficiency of swaps or trades, although users still have the option to enter their desired trade value manually.

Auto-Populate Icon for the Pair Token
  1. Public Address Bar and Clock Icon

In the Riverex peer-to-peer swap enhancement, the users’ public address is shown to provide transparency and verify that the swap was completed correctly.

Users can also keep a ready record of the completed transactions (complete date and time) when they hover over the clock icon.

Public Address Bar and Clock Icon
Public Address Bar and Clock Icon
  1. Cancel Swap Orders

An open order that has yet to be approved or filled can be canceled using the swap order cancel feature in Riverex.

Users can easily cancel an open order from the Peer-to-Peer portal under the “ALL” transaction tab or “OPEN” transaction tab. 

Cancel Swap Orders
  1. Clone P2P Swap Order

The clone function in Riverex P2P swap transaction creates a copy or duplicate of an existing or completed swap order, thereby saving time and reducing errors when creating multiple similar swap orders.

Upon clicking on the ‘clone’ symbol, users will be taken to a new window that is automatically filled with the same data, and they can directly generate the swap link.

Clone P2P Swap Order
Clone P2P Swap Order
  1. Native and Wrapped Tokens

The Riverex platform offers both native and wrapped tokens to give users more flexibility in terms of assets they can trade and the blockchain they can trade on.

Native and Wrapped Tokens


The enhanced features of the Riverex DEX platform have been carefully designed and developed to improve usability, streamline workflow, and enhance overall performance to make your experience more accessible and productive.

For more updates on the platform, follow our official media channels.