Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes how Riverex, a decentralized crypto exchange, treats and protects the identifiable information that is collected when users access or use our website.

Please carefully read our privacy policy in its entirety. For any questions or concerns, contact our Support team.

Acceptance of this Privacy Policy

By accessing, browsing, or registering on Riverex, users are deemed to have read and accepted the terms of use indicated in this Privacy Policy. Should users feel uncomfortable with our terms, conditions, and privacy policy, they are free to discontinue using the Riverex site and services.

Data Collection

Riverex does not collect any personal information from its users. We do not track or store any personal data, such as usernames, passwords, IP addresses, or browsing history. Therefore, it does not share any user data with third parties. By using the platform, you can be confident that your privacy is protected.

However, this doesn’t mean that no data is collected at all. The blockchain on which Riverex is built will still record the trades that take place, and this data may be accessible to anyone who has access to the blockchain.

Protection of Users’ Information

We take strong and reasonable preemptive measures to protect and safeguard our users’ data. We utilize physical and electronic tools to ensure the safety of our users’ information from any unwarranted disclosure or access.

However, being in the blockchain and crypto industry, we cannot guarantee that loss, misuse, altercations, or unauthorized manipulation will ever occur. 

Please also acknowledge that, as users, you also play a vital role in protecting your data. Important information, such as crypto addresses, is extremely confidential; hence, you should never share it with anyone.

If there are any concerns or if one ever feels like their data is no longer secure with us, please immediately contact our Support team.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Kindly review this “Privacy Policy” regularly for any updates. We may occasionally modify the website with new features to improve the service level we provide to our users. We retain the right to amend or replace these terms at any moment. We will make every effort to inform our users before any new terms take effect.

Users may stop using Riverex or accessing our website if they disagree with any of our modified terms or any later amendments to these terms, in whole or in part.

Getting in Touch with Us

For any questions or concerns regarding our terms and conditions or privacy policy, please contact us through our Support team .