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Chat and communicate with fellow traders with the same trading preferences.
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About Public and Private Chat

Riverex provides users with an environment to communicate trading strategies or blockchain technology updates with fellow traders.

The in-chat feature presents Public and Private Chatrooms for safe and casual discussions among traders.

Anyone can create, choose, and join the public chatrooms and discuss a preferred concept in crypto trading. However, private chatrooms need a joining request to communicate in the room.

Private chatrooms are perfect for confidential conversations or negotiations and swap discussions.

Benefits of Public and Private Chatrooms

News Updates

Users stay up-to-date as they can connect with like-minded traders and gain valuable insights through discussions in the chatrooms.

Trading Accessibility

Users can efficiently execute P2P transactions by sending swap templates or sharing the swap links through the chatrooms.

Value Added Service

The support team of Riverex assists its users with every query, difficulty navigating the platform, or issue on a transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

You just need to create an account with a username and password to create and join any chatroom on the platform.
You can use your mnemonic phrases to log in and change your password.
If you log in through another browser or device/host (for the first time), it is required to log in with your mnemonics first; you can input the same password and confirm or create a new one. You can use your username and password the next time you log in to the same browser or device.
Note that you can only create a maximum of five private and five public chatrooms.

Enter your chatroom and click the three-dot menu button on the upper right side of the app. Click ‘Invite Friends. You have the option to copy the link or directly share the link with your media channels.