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Platform Upgrade: Exciting New Tools and Capabilities for Liquidity Pools: V.1.1.0

As Riverex develops a broader spectrum of providing safe and expanded opportunities for all trading participants, it has released yet another set of upgrades on its platform.

Listed below are Riverex enhancements for a seamless and secure trade!

  1. Y-axis on charts

We have added the Y-axis against the date on the X-axis to represent the token’s TVL (Total Value of Locked Tokens) activity over a specific time frame, providing users with complete information and assisting them in trading well.

  1. Complete date of charts when hovering

The entire date is displayed when a user rests their mouse pointer over a specific data point to provide more understanding and accuracy about the price activity.

Users can view the precise time when the price movement took place, which can aid in trend analysis and trading options.

Data points are plotted at regular intervals, such as daily, weekly, and monthly, with time represented by the X-axis.

  1. Open-Close and High-Low values on the candle stick when hovering

The open value is the asset price at the beginning of the period, while the close value is the price at the end of the period, represented by the candle.

On the other hand, the high value is the highest price the asset reached during a specific period, while the low value is the lowest price the asset reached during that period.  

It displays the extended values of an asset of up to 20 decimal points, aiding traders in identifying additional information through technical analysis.

  1. Token’s 20 decimal point value when hovering

Displaying a token’s value in 20 decimal points when a mouse hovers over the dollar price provides traders with a consistent and more precise analysis to inform the token’s price.

It makes it easier for traders to understand how a token’s value relates to the smallest possible unit of that asset. 

  1. Icons for additional information

There are icons integrated on the HPO token details page that, when clicked, will take you to the block explorer, CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, and the HPO Token website.

This information gives users transparency and can confirm the legitimacy of a particular transaction or block. Additionally, because it is listed on one of the best price-tracking websites, it guarantees the security of transactions and the platform’s integrity.

**Note: The block explorer icon is available on all token pages in the pool, while the rest only applies to the HPO Token page.

  1. Token’s total value on the token details page

The token information page displays the TVL, total volume, and 24-hour volume. It aids users in gaining an understanding of the token’s public demand for use in long-term trend research.

Users may find it simpler to compare the demand for the token with that of other cryptocurrencies if the total volume of the token is displayed.


The recent platform enhancements brought new capabilities to solidify users’ further access to greater control over their investments.

The team behind the Riverex platform visions these enhancements to further drive adoption and growth to the decentralized finance space and is excited to see how the platform will evolve in the coming years.

To get the latest updates and new enhancements on the Riverex platform, follow our official media channels.