Riverex Releases 2-Step Single-Chain Swap for Cost-Effective and Simplified Transactions

Riverex has finally launched its much-anticipated Single-Chain Atomic Swap feature. This breakthrough technology enables the direct exchange of cryptocurrencies without needing a trusted third-party intermediary in just two steps.  

Traders may now execute transactions securely, efficiently, and seamlessly, resulting in cost-effective and streamlined trade. 

Defining Atomic Swaps

Atomic Swap is a peer-to-peer mechanism that allows exchanging multiple cryptocurrencies between parties without intermediaries. 

It uses smart contract technology to ensure that both sides in a trade meet their obligations without needing a centralized entity to facilitate the transaction. 

As a result, Atomic Swaps are a less expensive and more efficient trading alternative than traditional trading methods.

How Riverex’s Single-Chain 2-Step Atomic Swap Works

The Single-Chain 2-Step Atomic Swap technology is an enhanced version of the Atomic Swap system that allows for the direct exchange of different cryptocurrencies between parties on the same blockchain in two simple steps.

  1. Create a Contract

The initiator of the transaction locks his assets in a smart contract that functions similarly to an escrow agreement.

  1. Executing the Swap

Once the receiving party agrees and accepts the swap request, the actual exchange of assets is triggered and executed.

The Single-Chain 2-Step Atomic Swap is also more efficient and cost-effective than traditional trading methods, making it an excellent alternative for traders who want to complete deals swiftly and economically.

Why Use Riverex Single-Chain 2-Step Atomic Swap

  1. Lower Transaction Costs

Users no longer have to pay hefty fees to intermediaries such as exchanges or brokers when using Single-Chain 2-Step Atomic Swap. Instead, the smart contract executes the trade automatically, lowering the transaction cost.

  1. Ease of Use

Single-chain 2-step atomic swaps are a simple and easy-to-understand approach for individuals unfamiliar with blockchain technology. Because there is just one blockchain involved, the procedure is simplified, and the transaction can be completed in only two steps, making it more accessible to a broader range of traders.

  1. Faster Transactions

Transactions can be completed quickly in two simple steps – exchanging cryptographic hashes to be confirmed, resulting in a reduced processing time. 


The Riverex new single-chain 2-step atomic swap technology offers cost-effective and easy trading options to the cryptocurrency market. It enables the exchange of cryptocurrencies securely and efficiently without intermediaries or centralized entities, resulting in cheaper transaction costs and faster execution times. 

The advent of this new technology represents a significant milestone in the advancement of the crypto business, as it provides a more streamlined and cost-effective method of cryptocurrency trading.

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