Riverex—the Next-Gen DEX for Traders Today

Riverex—the Next-Gen DEX for Traders Today

As the crypto exchange market continues to grow, it becomes a rather important decision to choose the exchange that suits your needs as a trader. Using the right crypto exchange could elevate you amongst the others, and using the crypto exchange that stands out from the competition will give you the edge. These valuable services can’t be found elsewhere.

This is what Riverex aims for—to be the unique decentralized exchange that has unique, incomparable features that make trading easy and beneficial for all traders.

What is Riverex?

Riverex is a decentralized exchange built on an EVM-compatible chain that enables the in-chat system, peer-to-peer swaps, trades, and pooling features—on one, seamless platform.

It supports six (6) blockchain networks and 1,100+ cryptocurrencies. In addition, since it is a decentralized exchange, the platform ensures the security, transparency, and privacy of the users and their transactions as it is employed through smart contracts. This guarantees that the transactions are completely tamper-proof.

Features of Riverex

1. Public and Private Chat
2. Peer-to-Peer Swap
3. Atomic Swap
• 2-Step Single-Chain Swap
• NFT Atomic Swap
4. Liquidity Pool
5. WalletConnect Integration
6. Import Custom Token
7. Dashboard and Analytics
8. Affiliate Program
9. Riverex Utility Token (WELLE)
10. Riverex Mobile Application (iOS and Android)

Riverex’s P2P Feature

Peer-to-peer, also known as Person-to-Person trading means exactly what its name suggests—it is an online crypto exchange mechanism wherein two (2) people directly communicate and swap their digital assets without the interception of an intermediary.

With Riverex’s P2P Trading Mechanism, traders will be given easier and more flexible options when trading or swapping amongst their fellow traders. These P2P Transactions are executed via a Smart Contract; hence, guaranteed safe, secure, and transparent.

Riverex’s NFT Atomic Swap

In Riverex, users can not only swap or trade cryptocurrencies against each other but they can also perform NFT Atomic Swaps.

NFT Atomic Swap pertains to the users’ ability to swap their NFTs to another NFT or to another cryptocurrency.

This feature supports the NFT standards ERC-721 and ERC-1155, enabling users to execute multiple NFT Swap transactions in a single contract but with guaranteed safety and security.

Riverex enables one to swap NFT to NFT, NFT to token, or token to NFT transactions.

Riverex Token (WELLE)

Since the Riverex platform has already grown, as much as it already has its own utility token, the Riverex Token (WELLE), users are more assured to experience seamless services within the platform through paying the fees with WELLE.

Though there are still platform fees or liquidity pool fees, etc., in place, users can opt for an easier and cheaper option when paying their fees by using the WELLE token instead.

There are 30 billion WELLE tokens minted on three supported networks: 10 million WELLE tokens each on Ethereum, Binance, and MoonBeam.

Uses of WELLE:

• Platform Fees
• Affiliate Program Rewards
• Trading
• Staking (Upcoming)
• Bridging (Upcoming)
• NFT Swapping


Indeed, the team behind Riverex has developed the platform in a sense that makes it incomparable with other decentralized exchanges out there.

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