Riverex Features

Riverex Chat

Riverex has an in-chat feature that allows users to converse and discuss swaps with their fellow traders—Pubic and Private Chat room. A public chat room does not need joining requests, in contrast with private chat rooms. Public chat rooms are perfect for creating a community with the same preferences in crypto trading, and you can shift to a private chat room if there is a need for confidential conversations and swaps discussions.

Riverex Swap

Riverex is a decentralized crypto exchange that allows cross-chain atomic swaps using smart contracts. Through this, traders can swap cryptocurrencies with their fellow traders in a peer-to-peer manner.

When swapping cryptocurrencies, users need to be logged in and connected to their MetaMask wallets. They would also need the wallet address of the user they want to trade with, and through a smart contract, the swap will be verified and created.