Utility Token welle token


Utility Token of Riverex.
Empowering traders and fuelling the Riverex platform.

What is WELLE?

WELLE is the utility token of Riverex. It uses the ERC-20 token standard and will fuel the services in the Riverex decentralized exchange.

Multi-blockchain Fungibility

WELLE will be minted on Ethereum and Moonbeam. This multi-blockchain fungibility of WELLE provides users with seamless, multi-chain transactions.

Multi-crypto Support

WELLE supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies. WELLE can be purchased by swapping WELLE with USDC or ETH, or in the IDO microsite.

100% Fast and Secure

WELLE is built with multiple layers of security. Users are assured that WELLE transactions are fast and secure.

Fuelling The Riverex Decentralized Exchange

30 billion WELLE will be minted on Ethereum and Moonbeam. It will power the entire ecosystem of the Riverex decentralized exchange, allowing users to maximize the services accessible on the platform.

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